2 Pack- Silicone Egg Cooker Set (MR)

2 Pack- Silicone Egg Cooker Set (MR)

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Are you struggling to cook that perfect poached eggs?

Worry no more because we got you covered with this amazing Silicone Egg Cooker Set!

It comes with six cooking egg cups that you can use to make soft or hard-boiled eggs, mini omelets, scrambled eggs, eggs Benedict and more!

Simple and easy to use; spray a small amount of oil onto the cooking egg cup, place the egg inside, and put it in boiling water!

You don’t have to worry about the pot size, just put enough water and let it float inside!

The perfect hack for those firm whites and runny egg yolk!

Create the perfect egg for a cozy Sunday brunch and later breakfast with this easy-to-use Silicone Egg Cooker Set!