Baking Pastry Spatulas
Baking Pastry Spatulas
Baking Pastry Spatulas

Baking Pastry Spatulas

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Are you looking for a better way to create sumptuous designs for your pastries?

Turn your pastries into a canvas and start creating amazing works of art with these adorable Baking Pastry Spatulas!

These convenient baking spatulas are shaped and designed like a painting knife giving you amazing control over your designs!

Each baking spatula is completely lightweight and comes with comfortable wooden handles making it an ideal choice for your baking needs!

It’s a great way to decorate your pastries!

Product Specifications:  
Food Grade Stainless Steel, Wood
As shown in the picture
Package Contents:
5x Baking Pastry Spatulas

Get unparalleled control over your designs and start decorating your pastries with these amazing Baking Pastry Spatulas!